The section contains data on the number and composition of economically active population, employed and unemployed, as well as on occupational diseases and occupational injuries.

Economically active population (labour force) - persons of age established to measure economic activities of population, which for the observed period are considered employed or unemployed. The number of the economically active population includes data on employed and unemployed based on the results of surveys on employment of population. The definition of the economically active population is carried out for people of 15-72 years old.

Employed in the economy are persons who in the reference period were involved in paid jobs as well as in income related self-employment either with the participation of hired employees or without any hired employees. The employed comprise persons who are temporarily out of their work, non-paid family workers as well as those in households who engaged in goods and services production for sale.

Data on average annual number of employed in the economy are compiled by the main job of civil population once a year while drawing up a balance of labour resources based on information of organisations, materials of the sample survey on employment, data of executive power bodies, refinements of the number of employed who were not found during the sample survey on employment.

According to the standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the unemployed include the persons at the age considered fit for measuring economic activity of population who in the period under consideration met the following criteria:

had no job (gainful occupation);

were seeking jobs, i.e. applied to the State or commercial employment service, used or placed the announcements in the mass media, appealed directly to the administration of the enterprise (to the employer), utilized personal contacts, etc. or tried to organize their own business;

were ready to start working during the surveyed week.

Pupils, students, pensioners and invalids are referred to the category of the unemployed, if they have been seeking a job and were ready to start working.

The unemployed registered in the State employment service include persons having no job and earning (labour income), living on the territory of the Russian Federation, registered at the local employment center with the purpose to seek a proper job, seeking for a job and ready to start working.

The level of unemployment is determined as a ratio of the unemployed of age specified group to the total number of economically active population of the respective age group (in percentage).

The duration of unemployment (duration of seeking a job) is a time period during which an unemployed person is seeking
a job, making use of any methods for seeking job.

The number of those who suffered in occupational accidents with a loss of ability to work for one day and more and with lethal results includes people who suffered in accidents being at their job or on the territory of organisations as well as in other cases provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation and are to be registered according to normative documents.

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