The section contains data on the health network and personnel of the medical institutions, on population morbidity and disability rates.

The total number of medical doctors includes all medical doctors with the higher medical education engaged in the treatment and sanitary organizations, social security institutions, research institutes, personnel training institutions, in public health management bodies and others.

The total number of medium-level medical (nurses) personnel includes all the persons with the secondary medical education, who are engaged in medical treatment and sanitary organizations, social security institutions, pre-school institutions, secondary general schools, child homes and etc.

Subject to be recorded in the hospitals are the beds equipped with the required appliances.

Medical institutions rendering out-patient services to population include all the medical institutions which provide service for out-patients (polyclinics, out-patient clinics, dispensaries, out-patient departments of the hospitals and other).

Before 1999 International Classification of Diseases, Traumas and Causes of Death of the World Health Organization (WHO) (IX revision, WHO, 1975) was applied for statistical tabulation of data on the population morbidity rate, since 1999 - International Classification of Diseases and Problems connected with health (X revision, World Health Organization (WHO), 1989).

For 2005-2009 indicators per 10000 population: number of physicians, medium-level medical personnel, number of hospital beds, capacity of polyclinics, as well as population morbidity by main disease classes per 1000 population are calculated using population size without accout to results of the 2010 Russia population census, for 2010 - with accout to results of the 2010 Russia population census.

After getting the estimation of population size for 2003-2010 with account to final results of the 2010 Russia population census, data on the indicators will be recalculated and published in official Federal State Statistics Service publications in 2012.

In 1992 and 1995 persons of 16 years and over were included in the number of persons recognized as disabled for the first time (table 9.4), since 2000, in accordance with changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation - persons of 18 year and over.


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